Vaginoplasty (Aesthetic Vaginal Tightening Surgery)

High number of births, giving birth to a large baby, tearing at birth and not being sewn properly, loss of elasticity in the vagina with advancing age, and opening in the stitches after birth cause vaginal enlargement.

With the enlargement of the vagina, the bladder may sag towards the vagina. Sagging in the bladder can also bring problems such as urinary incontinence and urgency. It can cause susceptibility to infections due to vaginal enlargement, dryness in intercourse, disturbing noise during intercourse, decreased sexual pleasure and pain.

In the presence of vaginal enlargement and related sexual problems, it is possible to narrow the vagina with a 30-40 minute surgical operation or laser. It is necessary to abstain from sexual intercourse until 3-4 weeks after the surgical operation. If surgical tightening will be done with laser, sexual abstinence for one week is sufficient.

Laser vaginal tightening is a painless procedure that does not require anesthesia.

You can return to your daily life immediately after the application.

What is Vagina Tightening?

Vaginoplasty; It is a vagina tightening surgery performed for women who have many complaints such as enlargement of the tissues in the vagina, decrease in flexibility or loosening, in order to collect the vagina. Apart from aesthetic surgeries, it is also performed for the purpose of restoring the decreased functionality of more people.

This surgery is used for reasons such as decreased sexual pleasure and loss of sensation, especially between men and women.

Myrtle vaginoplasty

Vaginal tightening surgery is called vaginal reconstruction or vaginal tightening operation. This surgery, which is important for women, should be performed by professional and previously experienced doctors. There are many professional gynecologists within the scope of vaginal tightening in Mersin.

Reasons for Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Depending on many different reasons, women have vaginal tightening surgery. While the factors that cause vaginal tightening are often congenital, it can often occur due to different factors such as women giving birth too much. In general, the reasons for vaginal tightening surgery can be listed as follows;

  • Sagging of the urinary bladder: As a result of sagging of the genital organs, self-confidence problems may occur in women. However, sagging in the bladder is one of the factors that can be corrected during vaginal tightening surgery.
  • Vaginal width: In women, the development of the vagina may occur after a while. This reduces sexual desire and sexual self-confidence. However, this problem can be eliminated as a result of vaginal tightening surgery.
  • Vaginal infections that occur frequently: The possibility of getting an infection increases due to the vaginal openings that are opened and torn after childbirth.
  • Sounds coming from the vagina: Unpleasant sounds may occur in the vaginas that become abundant and enlarged during sex.
  • Inability to enjoy sexual intercourse: As the tissue of the vagina expands, problems of not getting pleasure in sexual intercourse may occur. However, this problem can be eliminated by narrowing the vagina after vaginoplasty surgery.

How is Vagina Tightening Surgery Performed?

The condition of the genital area is examined before the vaginal tightening surgery. If there are conditions such as sagging and enlargement, the decision of vaginal tightening surgery is made. Vaginal tightening operations are accompanied by sedation and local anesthesia. In general, surgeries can take between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

Starting from the entrance of the vagina, it is advanced into the vagina for 6-7 cm. These cms give better results. Excess tissues are removed from the vagina. After the tissues are removed, narrowing is performed with absorbable surgical sutures. If there is a sagging situation in the urinary bladder or intestine, the levator muscle tissue is approximated. As Mersin vaginoplasty, we are able to tighten the entire vagina thanks to our experience. It should be known that vaginas narrowed by 1-2 or 3 cm may not be sufficient between couples.

Is there an Enlargement of the Vagina After Vaginal Tightening Surgery?

Vaginas often enlarge after childbirth. If the birth has gone through a traumatic and problematic process, it is possible to see an increase in enlargement. In addition, weakening of the connective tissue occurs due to aging, malnutrition, cigarette-alcohol use. As a result of weakening of the connective tissue, there may be sagging in the vaginas.

Even if the mother has a cesarean section rather than a normal delivery, there is an enlargement of the vagina. Other reasons for the enlargement of the vagina are frequent sexual intercourse and gynecological interventions. So, is there an enlargement of the vagina after the vagina?

There is no enlargement after vaginal surgery. However, if the mother becomes pregnant and gives birth normally, re-enlargement may occur.

Vagina Tightening Prices

As in every surgery, the prices of vaginal tightening surgery; It covers many elements such as the hospital where the surgery will take place, the health center and the doctor who will perform the surgery. The prices within the scope of vagina tightening Mersin are not very high.