mersin genital estetik

Genital Aesthetics Applicatıons

It is seen that the demands for aesthetic operations increase with the change of aesthetic perception in both women and men. Especially in women, the rate of application to clinics has increased recently and genital aesthetics is one of the most popular operations. Aesthetic operations performed on external genital organs in women are called genital aesthetics.

What is Genital Aesthetics?

The external genitalia in women are mons pubis, inner and outer lips, clitoris, vestibular gland, urethral opening, and vaginal entrance. Due to the aesthetic deteriorations in these external structures, patients ask “What is genital aesthetics?” They can search for solutions to their problems by doing research. Mersin, which has recently given a high success and rapid recovery rate in operations with the opportunities provided by technology, also provides services with specialist doctors in genital aesthetics.

In Which Situations Is Genital Aesthetics Performed?

Reasons such as sagging that occur with age, discoloration, congenital defects, vaginal enlargement after giving birth can be counted among the reasons for preferring genital aesthetic procedures. In women, genital disorders can cause loss of sensation for herself and her partner during sexual intercourse, pain and pain as a result of friction due to enlargement and sagging of the lips. Genital aesthetics can be performed for every individual who has reached reproductive maturity and needs these operations.

What Does Genital Aesthetics Cover?

The scope of genital aesthetic operations is wide. Correction of sagging and excess tissue in the inner and outer lips (labiaplasty), hymen repair, narrowing of the vaginal opening (vaginoplasty), removal of the folds on the clitoris, repair of the birth defect in the perineum region, and genital bleaching are among these operations.

Mersin Labiaplasty

The patient’s expectations after the examination should be evaluated for the most successful result in the procedure, which provides an aesthetic appearance by shortening the inner lips of the vulva, called labiaplasty. Although genital aesthetic procedures are operations that promise practical and successful results thanks to advanced medical applications, the right doctor and clinic are very important in terms of getting the results expected by the patients. Genital aesthetics includes applications that patients can reach in the services provided by expert gynecologists experienced in their work in Mersin.

Mersin Vaginoplasty

The vagina is a very flexible organ and generally enlarges with weakening of the muscles due to birth, aging, and menopause. Vaginoplasty is the procedure that is performed in cases where the vaniginal opening is increased and to bring this opening to the desired stenosis. Since Mersin is a city that provides services with its specialist physicians in terms of vaginoplasty, it is possible to find the best physician options for patients.

Mersin Barbie Vagina Aesthetics

Several procedures are applied in Barbie vagina aesthetics, which has been frequently preferred recently. The goals are to minimize sagging of the inner lips, to reduce the vaginal opening, to remove the folds on the clitoris. It is an operation that increases both an aesthetic appearance and the pleasure of sexual intercourse. Mersin, which has many gynecology clinic options, can be a suitable choice for labiaplasty and Barbie vagina aesthetics.