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What is Perineoplasty?

During normal delivery, the birth incision called episio can sometimes leave behind an unpleasant image. These nasty-looking birth stitches can cause some problems in women’s sexual lives. It can also create problems in terms of genital aesthetic appearance and cause a lack of self-confidence in people.

What are the Causes of Bad Appearance in Birth Stitch Marks?

Birth stitch scars can be corrected aesthetically with some surgical or non-surgical methods. Causes of bad appearance in birth sutures;

  1. Difficult births; In traumatic and prolonged births, the genital area is highly edematous and torn. In addition, the use of instruments such as vacuum forceps, the birth incision lengthens and the suture marks are very obvious.
  2. Inflammation of birth sutures; As a result of inflammation, the sutures may open spontaneously and an aesthetically bad appearance may occur due to infection. Therefore, postpartum care and cleaning of the genital area is extremely important.
  3. Birth stitches do not hold
  4. Unrepaired genital tears; Especially in home births, if the tears are not repaired, a bad appearance may occur in the vagina.
  5. Perineal tears in deep and prolonged episodes; Pregnancies and vaginal births can cause enlargements. Vaginal relaxation can lead to problems of abundance and sexual reluctance in sexual intercourse in both men and women. In patients with such problems, vaginal tightening and removal of birth sutures can also be performed.

Perineum Aesthetic Surgery Mersin

In genital aesthetic surgeries, Labiaplasty (Inner lip aesthetics), Clitoral Hudoplast i (Aesthetic removal of clitoral folds), vagina narrowing and perineal aesthetic surgeries can be performed in the same session as combined surgeries. Thus, the genital area is corrected both internally and externally. With an operation that takes about 2 hours, a very beautiful appearance is obtained both aesthetically and functionally.

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