Tube Ligation Surgery

In order for a woman to become pregnant, the egg in the woman must meet the sperm from the man in the fallopian tubes and fertilization must take place. Tubal ligation, also called tubal ligation, tubal sterilization (sterilization), is a surgical procedure and a birth control method performed to prevent the union of sperm and egg.

In general, Mersin tube ligation surgery is classified as a permanent birth method. For this reason, it is not always possible to return the situation to normal by opening the tubes when the desire to give birth to a child occurs. This should be taken into account before tube ligation is performed.

How is Tubal Ligation Performed in Women?

Various different methods can be used in tubal ligation. Considering the way they are done, it can be classified in two basic ways as laparoscopic and open surgery.

Tubal ligation surgery can be performed with a laparoscopic procedure, by entering through small holes in the abdomen and umbilicus, with a camera and necessary tools. The operation takes about 15-20 minutes. Because there is no incision with this method, recovery is usually easier, pain is less, and hospitalization is not required in most cases.

In another technique called mini laparotomy, the ligation of the tubes is done by reaching the cords through a 3-5 cm horizontal incision made in the groin. The incision is small and healing is easy. Generally, Mersin tube ligation surgery, it is possible to discharge the patient after 1 day of hospitalization. It may not be preferred in women who are overweight, in people who have had a previous surgical operation that may prevent the procedure, and in those with a history of endometriosis.

Tubal ligation can be done by putting a plastic ring around them, removing the ends of the tubes, burning the tube and cutting the middle, or removing a piece from the middle of the tube and connecting the remaining ends (Pomeroy style tubal ligation).

These methods can be done after delivery or during cesarean delivery.

Who Can Have Tube Ligation Procedure?

Tubal ligation surgery can be recommended especially for couples who have completed their family and do not plan to have children after that. In addition, Mersin tube ligation surgery can be applied to women who may be life-threatening in case of a possible pregnancy and therefore, women who do not want to become pregnant. It is mostly applied to women over the age of 30. Because, as mentioned above, it is a contraceptive method that is very difficult to reverse. The “tu” made for reopening the tubes.

Who is not suitable for tube ligation?

Tubal ligation is not recommended for those who have not completed their family and are considering having a child, generally for women under the age of 30, and for those who may want to have children in the future, even if for any reason they are not currently considered.

Advantages and Efficiency of Tubal Ligation Operation in Women

After Mersin tube ligation surgery, women can be protected close to 100%. Therefore, it is one of the most advantageous protection methods for suitable individuals. The risk of a failed transaction is approximately 0.4%. Apart from this, tube ligation surgery does not have any harm or side effects. Birth control starts immediately and lasts for life. Therefore, it is possible for individuals to positively affect their sexual lives.

Disadvantages of Tubal Ligation in Women

The biggest disadvantage of Mersin tube ligation surgery is that it is very difficult and sometimes even impossible to return, and it is a permanent birth control method.

What are the Risks of Tubal Ligation Operation in Women?

As with other surgical methods, there are some risks due to infection, damage to nearby organs and anesthesia. However, in a carefully and properly performed operation, these risks are quite low.

Tube Ligation Method and Menopause

There are some false rumors that tube ligation surgery may disrupt the menstrual cycle, cause early menopause, or cause sexual distress and pain. None of these negativities can be expected in a process performed with proper and appropriate techniques. Therefore, it is useless to worry about these issues. There are no side effects of the ligation of the tubes.

Doctors Performing Tube Ligation Surgery

Tubal ligation surgery in women is absolutely necessary to be performed by a specialist and experienced team of doctors in order for the procedure to be smooth and successful.

Tubal Ligation Surgery Prices

As mentioned above, Mersin tube ligation surgery is possible with a number of different techniques. For this reason, tube ligation operation prices may vary.