Laser Incontinence Treatment

Laser urinary incontinence treatment; It is an extremely common and important condition that affects women’s social and sexual lives. When women encounter such problems, they often hide this situation and do not want to go to the doctor.

Most Common Causes of Urinary Incontinence

  • Weakening of connective tissue with advancing age
  • Pregnancy, having had multiple births
  • Difficult delivery due to large baby and similar reasons
  • Obesity, smoking history
  • Diabetes and nervous disorders
  • Conditions such as menopause (decrease in the female hormone estrogen)

Basically, We Face 2 Kinds of Urinary Incontinence Problems

  • First, urinary incontinence in situations that increase intra-abdominal pressure such as coughing, laughing, sneezing, which we call stress incontinence.
  • Second, urge incontinence is urinary incontinence, which is the inability to reach the toilet, which we see most frequently in advanced ages, due to the insufficiency of the female hormone estrogen.

We give these patients some exercises, such as kegel exercises, or sometimes drug treatments.

We recommend surgical operation for urinary incontinence, especially in cases that increase intra-abdominal pressure. We usually get immediate results in laser urinary incontinence treatment operations. However, surgeries require anesthesia. Postoperative patients may experience pain. Requires 1 day of hospitalization. The healing process can take up to 1 month.

Today, we apply laser urinary incontinence treatment that does not require anesthesia and stitches to such patients. Processing time is 20 minutes. It does not cause loss of work power in the patient. Patients can return to work immediately after the procedure. It does not require anesthesia, it is a painless and painless procedure. Its effect starts after 10 days, maximum effect is seen at the end of 6 weeks. Watery discharge may be seen in the first week, it is normal.

The laser thickens the upper epithelial layer of the vagina. It increases collagen formation and blood supply in the connective tissue under the epithelium. Therefore, after the procedure, the patient has a feeling of vaginal fullness. Vaginal tightening, regeneration, revitalization are seen. Vaginal dryness disappears. Susceptibility to infections is reduced in those who have frequent infections. There is also an increase in sexual pleasure. Usually one session is sufficient. Sometimes a second session may be required after 6-8 weeks.

Laser urinary incontinence treatment is a highly effective and pleasing method in both types of urinary incontinence.

Laser Urinary Incontinence Treatment Price

The fact that the laser operation is simple and easy to perform, and the risk of infection after the operation is low, seems to be very advantageous for the patient and the doctor. For this reason, the price of laser urinary incontinence treatment is eagerly sought by many patients. The price of laser urinary incontinence treatment varies according to the treated area and session. For this reason, you can get information and an appointment by contacting our clinic to learn the treatment price.