Mersin Abortion

Myrtle abortion or, more accurately, curettage is the process of removing the embryo in the uterus using medical methods.

In the medical literature, termination of pregnancy is also referred to as pregnancy termination or dilatation-curettage. Curettage (abortion) among the people is expressed with terms such as kurtaş, kurtaş, cortage or abortion.

Curettage is, in a sense, the cleansing of the entire inside of the uterus. For example, curettage technique is used for both diagnosis and treatment in patients who are not pregnant and present with prolonged, abnormal menstrual bleeding.

Abortion is done for the termination of an unwanted pregnancy, as well as for the termination of a desired but unhealthy pregnancy. For this reason, we are here to help you in all matters in myrtle abortion.

In Which Situations Is Abortion Performed?

Abortion is also required in cases where the baby’s heartbeat stops, the use of harmful drugs during pregnancy or high-dose radiation exposure, in cases where embryo formation such as empty pregnancy is never seen, or in cases where the continuation of the pregnancy will endanger the mother’s life.

Except for abortion, abortion Mersin procedure is performed in women with uterine thickening, when biopsy is required to diagnose uterine cancer, and in patients presenting with abnormal vaginal bleeding, to stop bleeding and to obtain tissue diagnosis.

Legal Abortion Week

The legal limit for abortions performed for the purpose of pregnancy evacuation is limited to 10 weeks from the last menstrual period.

Optional termination of pregnancy above the 10th week is not legal in our country. However, in the presence of a severe disability in the baby or in cases where the continuation of the pregnancy will endanger the life of the mother, the pregnancy is terminated by the decision of the health board. If an abortion is performed over the 10th week, it is called an illegal abortion.

How Is Abortion Performed?

The abortion operation is previously performed with hard metal instruments called curettes. With these instruments, the uterus was scraped, and the word abortion means scraping. However, this method is not used nowadays because the risk of damage to the inner wall due to excessive scraping of the uterus, adhesion risk and perforation of the uterus is higher with this method. As abortion myrtle, thanks to our experience, we perform abortions reliably and meticulously.

Vacuum Abortion

Today, Mersin abortion is mostly performed using the vacuum aspiration method. This technique is much less damaging than the curette method.

In the abortion technique with vacuum aspiration, disposable sterile cannulas are entered into the uterus through the cervix and the pregnancy material is withdrawn with an injector called Karmen, which provides negative pressure. This procedure is repeated with the abortion Mersin (ultrasound in our clinic) until we are sure that there is no tissue left inside, and it takes about 5-6 minutes.

Mersin Abortion Prices

People who want to get information about abortion prices often encounter many terms such as average abortion prices and Mersin abortion prices. There is no clear determination of average abortion prices or prices for most abortion operations. It is necessary to have a gynecological examination in order to determine the abortion prices clearly. After the type of procedure to be done after the examination is determined, abortion prices are clearly revealed.