Laser Genital Area Whitening

In the genital area, darkening and browning may develop over time due to advancing age, hormonal effects, and chronic friction. This can be corrected with a laser. With the CO2 Fractional Laser, whitening can be done in about 30 minutes. Local anesthetic creams or light sedation may be required before the procedure. Usually one session is sufficient. Sometimes it can be applied in the second session. It may take up to 6 weeks for clear visualization of the discoloration.

CO2 Fractional Lasers can also be used to treat vaginal enlargement and urinary incontinence. The process of tightening the vagina with laser takes about 30 minutes. Does not require anesthesia. The patient can return to work immediately after the procedure. Both whitening and tightening can be done with laser treatment in the same session.

The vaginal area whitening process has become the focus of attention as it has become a frequently preferred method among women. In the laser genital area bleaching process, a more pink-toned skin color under the skin is achieved by peeling the epidermis in the uppermost layer of the skin. One of the most frequently asked questions about the procedure is laser genital area whitening price.

How is Genital Area Whitening Made with Laser?

Myrtle vagina whitening process has a therapeutic effect thanks to the skin beautification of the laser. Genital area whitening takes about 30 minutes on average. Vagina whitening treatment can be done with local anesthetic creams or light sedation anesthesia.

  The main principle in the genital area bleaching process is to peel off the topmost skin layer, which is browned by the heat emitting feature of the laser. In this way, the dark-looking skin is replaced by a pink-toned skin with a young, lively and bright appearance. A single session application is sufficient, but if necessary, it can be done in the second session. After the laser lightening process, the results show themselves in a period of 6 weeks.

Why is Laser Genital Area Whitening Performed?

Genital area whitening can be done painlessly with an application that takes as little as 30 minutes against the darkening of the genital area over time. Darkening of color in the vagina can also affect women psychologically, and in the case of sexual intercourse, it causes problems such as lack of self-confidence and embarrassment. As a result of this procedure, which is seen as a useful option for women who have the problem of skin color browning in a short time and painlessly, it helps the genital area to gain a more beautiful appearance in terms of aesthetics.

Is Laser Genital Area Whitening Process Harmful?

Laser genital area whitening is not harmful. Laser light does not penetrate deep into the skin. This application has absolutely no harm to the menstrual cycle, uterus or ovaries. Since the penetration of laser light into the skin is less than one millimeter in the genital area bleaching process, it does not go deep and does not harm the health and structure of the individual’s skin. The bleaching process ensures that the genital area gains an aesthetic appearance, as opposed to damaging it, and supports the genital area to look younger.

Why Does the Genital Area Darken?

Among the most important causes of blackouts;

  • Advancing Age
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Hormonal Effects
  • Waxing, Epilator And Razor Use
  • Using Birth Control Pills
  • Wrong Selection And Use Of Underwear
  • Harmful Effects Of Sun Rays
  • And Many Factors, Such As Some Hormonal Disorders, Affect The Darkening And Browning Of The External Genital Area. As A Result Of The Laser Bleaching Process, The Genital Area İs Given An İdealized Appearance And The Vagina Has A Bright Pinkish Appearance.

What are the Laser Genital Area Whitening Fees?

Vagina whitening process shows positive results with painless and short-term treatments thanks to the application heads specially developed for the genital area in terms of skin beautification and treatments of skin problems. Mersin genital whitening Op. Dr. You can also request detailed information about the laser application price and apply from Gynecologists and Obstetricians who have experience and knowledge in this field, such as Özgü Keskin Yılmaz. You can make an appointment for the day and time that suits you for the vagina whitening procedure in Mersin. Due to the short duration of the procedure, there is no need to rest and you can continue your daily life without having to take a break in your business life. For genital area bleaching, Op. Dr. You can request an appointment from Özgü Keskin Yılmaz.