Normal Birth? Caesarean section?

In recent years, the increase in cesarean section rates in our country as well as all over the world is remarkable. Maternal mortality rate due to cesarean section is between 4-8/10000 and it is 26 times higher than normal delivery.

WHO (World Health Organization) stated that a safe delivery can occur with the least possible intervention for a healthy mother and baby. According to this;

  • Birth must begin on its own.
  • There should be freedom of movement throughout the birth.
  • Emotional and physical support should be given to the pregnant woman throughout the birth.
  • Any unnecessary intervention should be avoided.
  • Other positions should be supported instead of supine at birth.
  • After birth, mother and baby should stay together.

Today, the basic approach to pregnancy and childbirth; birth is a physiological process and requires little medical intervention. A woman’s right decision about her own birth will be possible if she receives qualified and quality care from the period before conception to the postpartum period, and if she benefits from adequate counseling services on alternative birth, coping with labor pain and relaxation techniques.


Pregnancy and childbirth are not a disease, but a natural, normal and healthy function of the body. Natural births are births that are done without intervention as much as possible. All natural hormones activated in this way prepare the mother and her baby for birth in the healthiest way possible. It is the secretion of these hormones that makes natural birth superior. The two most effective among these hormones are oxytocin and endorphins. Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for the contraction effects of the uterus and the progression of labor. Endorphin is a natural pain reliever secreted by the body. During birth, the mother responds to the progress of the baby in the birth canal; moves, changes positions, holds his breath, shouts. While all this is happening, both the birth canal and the baby are protected. When the birth takes place and the mother takes her baby in her arms, she is pensive, excited, proud and peaceful in the face of this miracle she has. Maintaining the success and satisfaction of the mother’s active role in this event; Sharing the same feelings is seen as one of the necessities of modern life. Aim; providing information about pregnancy and childbirth, teaching coping strategies, enabling couples to have a positive birth experience and breaking the cycle of fear, pain and tension.

Interventions to be made in labor should be done when it is really necessary and medical treatment should be given under the necessary conditions. Many women choose to “control” the situation with a pain-relieving anesthetic use process, rather than going through a natural birth process. Today, many women approach with the wish “I don’t want to feel anything, just give me the baby when it’s over”. That’s why most women today choose to use epidural anesthesia. In doing so, they deprive themselves of the opportunity to have an experience that is likely to be spiritually and psychologically empowering. What women need most in this process is encouragement and love support so that they can have a normal birth. As Mersin obstetrician, I am helping my patients.