The Turkish term for Barbie Doll Vagina Barbie Vagina Aesthetics; It is the name given to the procedures performed to eliminate all aesthetic problems of the vagina, which is oversized, where the fat tissue is collected locally, and which has a problem of loosening and sagging of the skin, and to achieve the desired appearance.

The term Barbie vagina was born from the association of the beauty of the female body with the most aesthetically pleasing Barbie dolls. The flat, tight and closed appearance of the vagina, which is not obvious from the clothes, has begun to be called this way among the people.

barbie vajina estetiği

What is Barbie Vagina Aesthetics?

What is Barbie vagina aesthetics; When we look at it, it is possible to talk about a series of processes. First of all, it should be known that the treatment is planned by the doctor according to the genital aesthetic problems of the individual. Accordingly, considering the existing aesthetic problems of the individual;

  • Labiaplasty operation
  • Removal of excess skin from the clitoris
  • Procedures such as liposuction and fat filling are performed.


The labia majora located on the outside of the vagina and the labia minora just below this structure are called labium in medicine. The process of reshaping these structures by a gynecology operator and making them aesthetic is called Labiaplasty.

In cases such as sagging of the lips for any reason such as birth or weight change, excess skin and deformation of the lips, the individual can have this treatment.

In the labiaplasty operation performed for a Barbie vagina-type appearance, an outer lip structure is made that completely covers the inner lips of the vagina and covers most of the clitoris, and the inner lips are made straight and not protruding.

Clitoris Aesthetics

When applying a vaginal aesthetic operation to an individual, the clitoris usually gains an appearance with excess skin and prominent when other structures are reduced. In order to eliminate this unaesthetic appearance, the excess skin on the clitoris structure is removed and a smaller form is gained.

Since the clitoris is the most important area of pleasure in female sexuality, women worry about ‘decreased pleasure’ and ‘numbness’ from this aesthetic procedure. However, the process is only applied to the skin tissue. Blood vessels and nerve tissue are not damaged by this application.

On the contrary, there will be an increase in sexual pleasure as the clitoris structure becomes more prominent and the skin becomes thinner.

Liposuction and Fat Filling

The ‘fat transfer’ technique, in which liposuction and fat filling are used together, is a very successful procedure in most of the aesthetic procedures.

In this procedure, the fat tissue accumulated in the upper part of the vagina is removed and the area is made flat. Then, small amounts of adipose tissue taken from the upper region are injected into this part so that the vagina comes to the fore and the outer lips close the inner lips and gain a full, straight form.

The filling material used during this application is the fat tissue obtained from the individual’s own body. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and is a short-term operation of 1 hour.

Since micro cannulas are used during the application, the person does not have any scars from the surgery.

Barbie vajina estetiği öncesi/ sonrası

How is the Barbie Type Vagina?

Barbie vagina type; The inner lips are short and straight, not visible when viewed from the front, and a thin and very small part of the clitoris is visible. The outer lips are flat, full and cover other structures. The opening of the vagina remains completely closed.

It is the most admired vagina image in many different societies.

Who is Barbie Vagina Aesthetics for?

  • The individual does not like the appearance of his own vagina
  • Sagging of outer and inner lips due to weight changes
  • postpartum shape deformation
  • Enlarged vaginal muscles
  • A decrease in sexual pleasure over time
  • Barbie vagina aesthetics can be applied to individuals who have problems such as excess skin in the clitoris.

Whether the individual’s health conditions are suitable for Barbie vagina surgery is determined by the tests performed after the first examination. In this way, a possible risk factor is determined by the individual’s physician and the operation plan is created accordingly.

What Are the Risks of Barbie Vagina Aesthetics?

Individuals who have undergone this operation may experience some temporary symptoms in the first days. These symptoms spontaneously improve within a few days.

Serious risk factors that the operation may bring are determined in the preoperative period with the tests performed after the examination. If there is a risky situation, the individual’s doctor will stop performing the procedure. Because; The operation is a non-risky treatment method that is safely performed under the control of a specialist doctor. Other existing risk factors apply to all surgical procedures.

Considerations After Barbie Vagina Aesthetics

Those who have Barbie vagina aesthetics should be careful about all the situations that their doctors have stated after the application. In this way, the healing process will become a comfortable and safe process in terms of complications.

In the first days after the application, there may be a complaint of pain. For this, individuals should not use any medication other than the pain reliever prescribed by their doctor. Some pain relievers can cause complications in this process. For this reason, if another drug is desired to be used, the individual should consult his doctor beforehand.

There may be edema, redness and bruising in the first days. Since the operation is performed, the tissues gradually cling to each other and these symptoms go away on their own. However, if the symptoms worsen, do not improve, if the amount of edema is very serious, the individual should consult his doctor.

After the procedure, it is generally recommended not to have sexual intercourse for 4 weeks and not to do any stimulating action. This period may vary from individual to individual. The doctor of the individual will inform him about this.

After the procedure, packaged foods with high sodium content and salt consumption should be restricted. It is important to prevent edema from increasing.

Alcohol and cigarette consumption should be avoided for a few weeks after the operation. Otherwise, recovery may be delayed and complications such as excessive edema, bleeding and infection may develop.

In the first days, mild itching, increased sensitivity to heat and cold can be seen. These symptoms disappear over time.

What are Barbie Vagina Aesthetics Prices?

Barbie vagina aesthetic prices vary for each individual. The reason for this is that the application is planned specifically for the individual. Therefore, it is not possible to talk about an exact price.

You can use our contact information on the website of our clinic for price information and other questions about the treatment before the treatment. Then, you can make an appointment immediately and have your doctor evaluate your examination findings and create a suitable treatment plan for you. Click to contact our doctor and make an appointment.